"Most of the time, the instrument might be able to bring
you surprises... bringing in a new musical element. You are never
100% in control, it is more like you push things in a general
direction, let it evolve, and then adjust the bits you do not like
and refine the bits that already sound good."
(Øyvind Brandtsegg)

What is ImproSculpt?
Software for live sampling and manipulation. Designed to
fit the (my)demand for an organic tool to deal with improvised
audio in real time using algorithmic Composition.

"From a mathematical point of view, music composition could
be defined as the process of selecting, from a finite set of
elements (pitches, lengths or rhythms, timbres, dynamics, etc.)
a subset, also finite. The elements of this subset should be
combined and ordered according to a preconceived formal
(Hinojosa Chapel, Ruben)

Why ImproSculpt?
Written in Csound, ImproSculpt remains one of the most
flexible software instruments. But it is a huge beast to control.
Currently, there's over 450 parameters to tweak ! And it is
actually growing. Øyvind Brandtsegg had found a way to design the
user interface to better reach such a number of knobs instantly
and without thinking twice.

Why Open Source Software?
"I'm still building on ImproSculpt, slowly adding modules and
refining old ones, but it seems the basic structure have been set."

(Øyvind Brandtsegg)

ImproSculpt has become important Software which only one
developer has difficulties to improve. Thus, to recruit people to
help, to improve, to give ideas from others points of view, to find
bugs using ImproSculpt, etc. is nowadays a considerable task to
carry out.

And, isn’t it the OSS philosophy?

A local copy of PmWiki's
documentation has been installed along with the software,
and is available via the documentation index.

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