ImproSculpt Installation Steps

ImproSculpt was born like home-Software caused by the Øyvind Brandtsegg’s desire to experiment and discover new ways of making music. Thus, ImproSculpt has just been thought and implemented for one computer: the Øyvind’s one. When university students started to work for ImproSculpt, they did not find easy to install it on their computers.

On this section, we are attempting to teach the main steps needed to setup ImproSculpt. We are dividing this web page in two parts: Software Required, where we explain which Software bundle has to be installed before ImproSculpt’s launch; and Source Code Modifications, where we tell about how to configure the sound card.

Software Required

  • Install CSound: ImproSculpt works on the last version (CSound 5.0),
    but only the float version, not the double version.

  • Install Python: This Softawe is implemented using Python technology,
    concretly with Python 2.4. ImproSculpt does not work with the latest
    version 2.5. The unknown reason behind this problem could be an interesting
    staff to research and to discuss on ImproSculpt's forum.

Source Code Modifications

  • Sound Output: Modify the line 84 into the /control/ file from
    ImproSculpt folder. This line looks like:
# set the parameters for the csound command line
csoundCommandline = "csound -b800 -B1600 -d -odac3 -m0 -+rtaudio=pa
--expression-opt temp.orc temp.sco"

The number after -odac represent the sound output used by ImproSculpt.
If you try with a high number like 100, this will result by an error and it will
offer you the list of your output sound devices and the number to use for
each one.

In this line, -b refers to the Software buffer and -B refers to the Hardware
buffer. The number after -B should be a multiple of the one after -b and at
least two times bigger. The number after -b shoul also be a multiple of the
ksmps value in flyndra.orc file in the ImproSculpt folder.

  • Sensor Interface: To disable the sensor interface, comment the line 2360
    in /control/ file which looks like this: